Pewaukee High School Robotics Club


2014 Northern Lights Regional Alliance Captains

2014 Wisconsin Regional Finalists

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Wisconsin FRC Teams (2014 Season)


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Team News:

- The Build Season has just ended, thanks to everyone for their hard work so far!

- Team Members please remember to keep up to date with the Project Managers on the fundraising/sponsorship related presentations coming up over the course of the season

- We have numerous concession date available to students, please check the Events folder on the Google Drive for dates and sign-ups

Current Fundraisers

Paradigm Shift is constantly looking for new sponsors! Our goal this year is to fundraise $35,000 and we need your help! For your donation, you will receive a different Sponsor Benefit Package depending on the donated amount (we also have a separate Sponsor Benefit Package for strategic partnerships/long term donations as well, donations of items to the team is measured with our regular Sponsor Benefit Packages). If you're interested in helping our team reach our goal, please email us at! Thank You!

Northern Lights Regional 2014 Results Alliance Captians

Alliance Number Six:
1259 Paradigm Shift (Pewaukee, WI) (Capt.)
2506 Saber Robotics (Franklin, WI)
3130 ERRORs (Woodbury, MN)

Wisconsin Regional 2014 Results
Regional Finalists

Alliance Number Four:
706 Cyber Hawks (Arrowhead, WI)
1259 Paradigm Shift (Pewaukee, WI)
3018 Nordic Storm (Saint Peter, MN) (Capt.)

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Last Updated: May 5, 2014